London Travel Card, Which One to Choose?

London, a city that offers a variety of fun and amazing things along with enticing places to visit. It’s a city that never fails to amaze you. Everyone falls in love with London, even those who come for just one or two days. With everything to see and do a London Travel card will get you where you want to be for less.


There are many tourist attractions in the city and visitors have to pay if they want to explore what the city has to offer. To make sightseeing affordable and convenient, it is important to have some type of London Travel Card.

What is a London Travel Card?

london travel card

This type of card is not bad for getting around in London. With this paper pre-paid travel card you’ll have fares on it which provide unlimited travel within specific zones.

With this option you will find that an off-peak card, which would be travel after 9:30 am will be cheaper than an anytime card. So, if your in the country for holiday then it may make sense to get a card that doesn’t start until later in the morning and saves you money.

The London travel card is a popular choice among Londoners but there are other options. Some other options include the Oyster Card or the London Pass.

What is the London Pass?


For visitors who come to London, there is a tailor-made sightseeing package called, London Pass. With this type of travel card you can save money on a bunch of visitor attractions.

The London Pass is designed in such a way that it saves you money from the start of your trip, till the end. The card includes passes to all the main attractions and iconic places in the city. Some locations included with the card are:

Tower of London – you save £24.80
Tower Bridge – you save £9.80
Thames River Boat Cruise – you save £18.50
London Zoo – you save £27.04
HMS Belfast – you save £14.50
Westminster Abbey – you save £22.00
Shakespeare’s Globe – you save £16.00
London Bridge Experience – you save £27.95
Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour – you save £26.00

Benefits of Having the London Pass

• You’ll get a free entry pass to over 70 attractions, museums, tours and other places such as Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, and other enthralling places.
• Swift Entry to selected places, by skipping the lines during busy periods. (This may not always work)
• To discover and explore the city, there is an absolutely free 1-Day offer to Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour.
• You can get the pass on your smartphone with a quick mobile ticket offer.
• A free guidebook of 160+ pages that has everything from information about the landmarks to maps, and other useful tips.
• There are over 20 exclusive offers for cardholders.
• You’ll have a free money back guarantee for any kind of online order.

Rates for London Pass and Where to Buy It

You can buy the London Pass from the official website:

The passes are available as follows:
1 Day Adult pass costs £62.00 and £77.00 with travel.
1 Day Child pass costs £42.00 and £48.00 with travel.
2 Days Adult pass costs £85.00 and £105.00 with travel.
2 Day Child pass costs £63.00 and £75.00 with travel.
3 Days Adult pass costs £101.00 and £131.00 with travel.
3 Days Child pass costs £71.00 and £89.00 with travel.
6 Days Adult pass costs £139.00 and £184.00 with travel.
6 Days Child pass costs £96.00 and £126.00 with travel.
10 Days Adult pass costs £169.00 and £224.0 with travel.
10 Days Child pass costs £118.00 and £173.00 with travel.

Currency Converter

If you would like a currency converter to convert the costs above, you can find one here…

Click Here for Currency Converter

What is the Oyster Card?


This is the most popular choice among the locals. With this London travel card you can have all the benefits of a smart card that debits you automatically for each ride you take. This can be a ride on a tube, tram, DLR or bus.

Another feature of the Oyster Card is that it will cap the charges at the equivalent of a paper travel card for the specific zones. You also have the option to load a 7 day travelcard onto your Oyster.


All in all, it can be said that the London travel cards are cost-efficient and time-saving. It’s best for tourists who want to travel London without the worry of missing out on anything. Be wise and get a London Travel Card, London Pass or Oyster Card to save time and money.

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