17 Unforgettable Honeymoon Destinations For 2017

langkawi-gettyWith my own wedding just months away I wanted to know what the best honeymoon destinations are. So I started doing some research and found a great article from HouseBeautiful which breaks down a list from the most romantic honeymoon destinations to the best honeymoon resorts.

If you’re the type of couple like like to lay around and relax or the type of couple that want the adventure of a lifetime, knowing what you want out of your honeymoon will make all the difference. No matter how you want to spend it keep in mind the locations weather and sites when booking your trip. There’s nothing like spending days on end stuck inside or finding that all the attractions you wanted to see are only open during season.

When starting your honeymoon plan remember this can be a chance to check off a destination on the bucket list. For most of us there aren’t many times in life that we’re willing to spend lots of cash on a trip, so make this one count.

In the list below you’ll find honeymoon destinations that are untapped, visually unreal and some of the most romantic places to spend your first days together.


honeymoon destinations- morocco1. Morocco

When it comes to driving the senses wild Morocco is the place to do it. This destination has a little something for everyone, from beaches to shopping and dining to sipping tea and a whole lot more.

Mauritius-Botswana2. Botswana & Mauritius

Among the top honeymoon locations Botswana is an excellent place to discover the safari adventure along with incredible wines and food. Mauritius is a great beach destination to take some time to unwind with your new spouse.

uruguay-casapueblo-punta-ballena3. Uruguay

This destination is perfect for anyone looking for a truly authentic South American experience. Here you can eat, drink and shop all day while taking in the sights and then party all night with a tremendous night life.

Montana - honeymoon destinations4. The American Midwest

If you and your newlywed decide it may not take going to the ends of the globe to make unforgettable memories then consider staying closer to home. The American Midwest has a lot to offer like breathtaking scenic views in Montana and Wyoming. When choosing this idea for your trip its best to plan out things like road trips and what locations you don’t want to miss.

hawaii-destinations5. Hawaii

For many years Hawaii has been among the best honeymoon destinations. Hawaii is made up of many islands but some are better than others while honeymooning. For example, Oahu is great because there are so many options to choose from. Like getting lost in the countryside or learning how to surf.

provence-france6. Provence, France

This may top the list of romantic honeymoon destinations. As a visitor here you can spend your days riding horses, having picnics in the lavender fields and exploring villages that seem to come right from a storybook.

bermuda-rocks7. Bermuda

Bermuda is a small island, in fact it’s only 21 miles. But in that 21 mile stretch you can find amazing beaches, undiscovered caves and bright colors all around you. This location is perfect for the couple who wants to just relax and let go.

Udaipur-India8. Udaipur, India

India may not be for everyone but it can make for that once in a lifetime trip. The culture here is rich with complex languages and religion surrounded with beauty and chaos.  This can make for a very meaningful honeymoon experience.

Mexico City-The Riviera Maya9. Mexico City & The Riviera Maya

Are you the adventurous couple, then Mexico City is a great location for your honeymoon. Take in the diverse architecture and eat as many tacos as you can. For the best food be sure to visit the busiest places.

honeymoon-destinations-greece10. Greece

It’s possible that there is no better sunset to be seen than in Greece. A location of the love gods themselves this large group of islands has so many places to explore. It’s no trouble to get around as you can take ferries from island to island.

11. Nicaragua

This honeymoon destination is sure to please the adventurous and relaxed alike. If you want a mix of adventure and relaxation then Nicaragua is the perfect place for you. This location boasts everything from zip lines along the cloud forests to sun bathing along the coast. It’s also now one of the safest countries in Latin America.

langkawi12. Langkawi, Malaysia

This is the archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman sea off the coast of mainland Malaysia. This destination features perfect beaches, lush jungles and crystal clear waters. Here you can find an amazing spa experience, fresh seafood, fresh fruit and many places prepped and ready to serve you.

georgia-europe13. Georgia

To be clear I’m talking about the Eastern European country, not the U.S. State. If you want a road less traveled Georgia may be the location for you. It’s been known in recent years for it’s growing food, wine and fashion scene.

Bora-Bora-French-Polynesia14. French Polynesia

This may be my favorite location of all. The French Polynesia is the perfect island paradise. It’s made up from more than 100 islands and is located halfway between California and Australia. In this magical land you can swim with the sharks, enjoy your own private bungalow on the water and relax on the many beautiful beaches.

oman-travel15. Oman

This is a rather unknown location for anyone outside Europe. This is an Arabian oasis perfect for an intimate setting. Here you can explore culture along with charming beaches and magnificent dunes.

seychelles16. Seychelles

Another archipelago of islands off the coast of east Africa, Seychelles offers the best in a honeymoon experience. The rich culture is brought out by its multilingual natives who speak French, English and Creole. They have imminence pride in their land and preserve it very well. You can expect to be pampered in this location as you try a variety of things including kayaking, hiking and scuba diving.

Turks-and-Caicos17. Turks & Caicos

Sometimes it may not take the adventure of a lifetime to get everything you want out of your honeymoon. Here in Turks & Caicos you can take advantage of what may be the best honeymoon resorts in the world along the Caribbean’s most amazing beaches.


If you want to get more details for each of these locations, be sure to check out the full article HERE. When it comes to honeymoon destinations there are many great ones to choose from, so do some research and start planning!


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