Trump Election – United Pilot Sets Passengers Straight

As reported from Point Me to the Plane, a United Airlines pilot set the passengers straight on the Trump election. On a flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Puerto Vallarta (PVR) the pilot made it clear you need to keep your view of the US presidential election to yourself.

seal of the president-trump eclectionAt a time when the country is facing some unrest due to election results it’s important to make sure political conversations are kept in their place. On a flight to a land where people are going to enjoy themselves and get away from it all you don’t need to be bothered by people spewing hatred and distrust. I have to say this is the first piece of news related to the election that I felt didn’t take a side but just got the point across.

Here is a caption from the pilot’s announcement:

“I understand everybody has their opinions, that’s fine. If you support him, great. If you don’t, I understand. However, we’re out here to go to Puerto Vallarta, supposed to be having a good time, and what I do ask is that as people we have the common decency to respect each others’ decisions and to get along on this 3 hour and 13 minute flight so that we can have a good time when we get down there”

The whole announcement was captured on video by one of the passengers. The video was then posted to YouTube with the following caption:

On my friend’s @wirelessness flight from SFO to Mexico, some kinda scuffle broke out where an individual with a “plaid shirt and a camo cap” said something racist (about being “glad to have kept his guns”) to an African American lady, and she began to cry and freak out. They separated the two of them, and then the Captain of the flight got on the PA and made this announcement.

I want to make it clear that this caption is just an example of what may have happened. There is no proof this is what prompted the pilot to make this announcement. Whatever your view is on the Trump election, you should appreciate what this pilot did. Below you can see the video and hear the announcement in full…

So what do you think of the Trump Election? Do you think this pilot did a good thing? Lets hear what you have to say, leave your comments below.

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