Top 10 Largest Cities in the U.S.

When it comes to the largest cities in the United States, these top 10 are the largest based on population. If you’re thinking of staying a bit closer to home this year, these cities can help you see the rewards of our country.

Benefits of Domestic Travel

When you stay domestic for your travels you have a few added benefits. First, you don’t need a passport, that can save a lot of headaches. You also don’t have to exchange your money for that of another country. This saves fess and possibly loss in the value of your dollar.

When you travel to the largest cities in the U.S. you have no need for a rental car, you won’t be paying for gas but you may be paying for mass transit.

If you already live in the United States, you could even pick one of theses cities and drive there! Now, you have a road trip to one of the greatest cities in the United States! Sounds like fun, right!?

Airfare Costs

Let’s be real here, your plane tickets are most likely a large portion of your budget. When you fly domestic, particularly from hub to hub, you can get dirt cheap airfare. Flights from $49 each way in some cases!

Even if the flight puts you a couple hours outside the destination city, you can rent a cheap car and still have a lower combined cost than traveling out of the country.

With the cost of flights constantly changing it’s a good idea to stay on top of the flights you want. I suggest using to start your search. From there you can head over to Momondo to compare prices. Flight search engines like this are better because they will check all the big sites and airlines but it will also the little lesser known companies, the big guys miss, to find you the best price.

From the River Walk in San Antonio to Times Square in Manhattan these cities have a lot to offer.

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Largest Cities In U.S.

New York, New York

New York at Night

Los Angeles










San Antonio


San Diego



Dallas night skyline

San Jose

San Jose Beach

May this list of the largest cities in the U.S. bring you inspiration for your next trip!

Happy Travels =)


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