The Best Places to Travel Alone

Thinking of taking a trip alone? No worries. Here are the best places to travel alone. These are the friendliest and safest countries for solo travel.

There are some who think that solo travel is the best way to go. The thought is that if you’re traveling alone there are no other people to express their dislikes, preferences or opinions. There is also a higher likelihood that you will meet new people if you travel solo because you’re not focused on your travel companion.

Whichever you way you choose to travel if you do it alone there is a lot of opportunity to try new things. You could try a surf camp in Central America or a bike trip in Europe. Spend some time doing nothing but viewing what one museum has to offer for the day. The potions are all but endless.

The following countries have drastically different things to offer in the way of landscape, customs and languages. They are however perfect places to travel alone.

Best Places to Travel Alone

New Zealand


This country is famous for being the lush environment from the Lord of The Rings films. Here you can go on glacier adventures, explore rain forests, bungee jump and so much more. This country is one of the best places to travel alone because the people are so open minded and friendly, you’re bound to make new friends.

Costa Rica


It can be argued that adventure travel was started with Costa Rica. This country is also known as the happiest country to visit. There are a number of things to do here including surfing along the Pacific coast, taking a raft down the Pacuare river or booking an adventure lodge and taking days trips in the cloud forest.

Travel alone to this country is great for everything it has to offer and for the amazing locals.



If you want an easy to navigate location this is for you. Vienna is one of the absolute best places to travel alone. There is so much to do with the museums, caf├Ęs and concert halls. A smaller but equally welcoming location is Salzburg. As a solo traveler you can count on the excellent rail network in this country.



The street life is safe and full of life in this countries major cities. You can check out the Ben Thanh market while visiting Ho Chi Minh or you could head to Hanoi to see the Dong Xuan Market. You could do some tai chi with 100’s of other people by the Hoan Kiem lake and then head on a trek in the mountains of the Central Highlands. Look for a local outfitter and have a blast!



This is one of the best places to travel alone but this trip will come with some expense. Norway can be an expensive country to travel too but get ready for what it has to offer. You can hitch a ride on one of the Hurtigruten coastal steamers and sail down the coast stopping in small ports along the way.

You can also hook up with a local outfitter here and take a trek along the fjords. If you’re a night person, the northern lights here are tremendous.



This country is well known for people who keep to themselves and mind their own business. Naturally, this makes for one of the best places to travel alone.

You could start by spending a couple of days in Zurich, walking and exploring. From there, consider getting your good hiking boots and a Swiss Rail Pass which is good for all the trains, trams and lake steamers. If you like nightlife you could head to the shores of Lake Geneva which is south of Zurich.

When it comes to the best places to travel alone, all of these locations are great but each one offers a unique experience.

Happy Travels =)


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