Best Places to Travel in 2018

zakynthos-greee-travel in 2018

It’s time to think travel in 2018! It’s crazy to think that a new year is already upon us.  Winter is here but before you know it, it’s time to book your next trip. Maybe it’s a family getaway or just you and your significant other. No matter the reason it’s time to look at what’s hot for travel in 2018!? After taking into account the global conversation on hotels, coming attractions and other events,…

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Top 5 Best Cities in the World

temple bar dublin best cities in the world

The world is simply amazing and enthralling, and why it wouldn’t be? The food is delicious, people are interesting, societies are different, attractions are diverse, and cities are fascinating. The whole world has so much to offer that it is difficult for a person to experience everything in a single lifetime. But hey, at least we can give it a try! There are many wonderful cities and places in the world that are known for…

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