The Best Places to Travel Alone


Thinking of taking a trip alone? No worries. Here are the best places to travel alone. These are the friendliest and safest countries for solo travel. There are some who think that solo travel is the best way to go. The thought is that if you’re traveling alone there are no other people to express their dislikes, preferences or opinions. There is also a higher likelihood that you will meet new people if you travel…

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Solo Travel for Women – Top 10 Locations

Barcelona solo travel for women

Travel can be an irresistible temptation and for some it can be a journey taken alone. Solo travel can be challenging and solo travel for women can sometimes be even more of a challenge. We all have our own reasons for traveling, if you’re a solo female traveler here are the 10 best cities in the world for you to visit. Keep in mind these are not strictly for women but they are a friendly…

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