Here are America’s Best Cities for New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve is almost upon us and that means fireworks, wild celebrations, cheers, and what not.

In America’s best cities for New Years Eve, you can find the biggest and best New Year’s Eve parities.

Spending New Year’s Eve in the same city can be fun if you do it once or twice but after that it gets old.

With that being said, I have put together a list of America’s best cities for New Years Eve. So, maybe this year you’ll take the party on the road!

America’s Best Cities for New Years Eve

New Orleans, LA

america's best cities for new years eve - new orleans

There is absolutely no denying that this city is a champion at celebrating New Year’s Eve. Do you know why? Everything here is done with passion. The celebrations are elaborate and the natural city charm makes things magical.

new-years-eve-new orleans

The night life in New Orleans is unlike any other city in the country. The locals are friendly and inviting. You can really have a New Year’s celebration like no other.

You can find more information about New Year’s in New Orleans here.

Houston, TX



Your New Year’s Eve in Houston is guaranteed to be filled with excitement and loads of fun. There are ample opportunities to make it your night to remember.

There are several hotels in the city that conduct New Year’s Eve parties and yes, of course, the food is simply amazing.

With fireworks being legal in this state get ready to hear noise like you never have before when the clock strikes midnight.


There are local areas all around Houston and the city limits that offer great dining, music and other entertainment.

Don’t forget about the great food! Texas BBQ and some ice cold beer is bringing in the new year southern style.

Denver, CO

new years denver

If you’re wondering which city truly knows how to throw a party, Denver is that city.

The best part about celebrating New Year’s Eve in this city is the annual firework show that starts at the end of the countdown.

america's best cities for new years eve - Denver

With grand parties conducted all over the city, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. It is definitely one of America’s best cities for New Year’s Eve.

New York City, NY

New Years Eve in Times Square

It was obvious for New York to be on the list and why it wouldn’t be? There are ample opportunities for you to indulge yourself and yes, there is a full night of partying in the best nightclubs of New York.

If you want to wait outside and head into Time Square as they close off the streets, you can be right in the middle of famous people, asthe ball that drops at the last minute till midnight. There is live TV, concerts and so much more.


The food is simply amazing, it can get a bit expensive, but then again, New Year’s Eve only comes once a year!

Orlando, FL

Let’s not forget what Disney does for the occasion…


During this time of the year, Orlando portrays a scene like never before. It’s a changed city altogether. It’s a great city to visit throughout the year, but it astounds the citizens and visitors with come New Year’s Eve.

The restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs are humming with people all the time – the environment is utterly absorbing and animated.


Well, now that you know about America’s best cities for New Year’s Eve, it’s time for you to start planning!

Some honorable mentions are:
San Francisco
Santa Fe
Los Angeles
Salt Lake City
Kansas City
Las Vegas

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