5 Effective Holiday Travel Hacks

Okay, admit it traveling can be a mixed bag of emotions; there is excitement, perseverance, exhaustion, and millions of other feelings that come with it. Holiday travel hacks can help elevate some of these things.

Traveling is fun, but it can become more stressful during holidays. Traveling is pleasurable when it’s easy and everything is going as planned.

So, if you’re traveling during the busy Thanksgiving and New Years’ period, you need to be well planned to make your trip stress-free.

Here are some effective holiday travel hacks you can use for your trip.

5 Most Effective Holiday Travel Hacks

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Fly Mid-Week

If there are any chances that you might score a handsome flight deal then your best bet is flying midweek. Travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday to avoid intense crowds and holiday traffic (which is highly irritating). There won’t be any rush at the airport, and you can pass through the security without much fuss.

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Another travel hack for you is to fly at times when others are sleeping. Yes, waking up as early as 2 or 3 in the morning and catching your flight can also help you in avoiding the traffic and crowds at the airport. Kicking the comfort out of the window for few hours can actually make for a pleasant journey.

Ship Your Gifts Ahead of Time

It is always best to travel light and if you’re bringing home gifts for everyone then try not to take the risk. You need to ship your gifts before visiting your family and friends.

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It’s safe and you won’t have to worry about carrying heavy luggage. Travel light and without the worry of any missing luggage , security issues or any other problems.

Roll Your Clothes

During the holidays, all of a sudden your suitcase becomes so important and it has every right to be! From deodorants to pajamas, everything is packed inside the suitcase. And don’t forget about the gifts.


This means that there will be a looming issue of space in the suitcase. Here’s a trick for you, roll your clothes and place them in layers. Do not go for the traditional folding and stacking technique. You’ll be amazed to see how much space you can save by using this simple trick.

Sleep in a Hotel

We all love our families and the time we spend with them is always memorable.

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To avoid the guilt of troubling anyone by staying for a night or two, just book a room in a nearby inn or hotel and sleep without any worry.

This can be an important one and should not be overlooked.

Plan a Post-Holiday Stay-cation

Traveling, dinners, meeting different people and then traveling back to home can be tiring. Therefore, it is best if you take some time out for yourself as well.


Just take a day or two off and just relax! Do something that pleases you – watch movies, binge-watch TV shows or go nuts. The point is that you need to have some time alone as well.

These holiday travel hacks are ultra-effective. Just make sure that you travel safe and have lots of, lots of fun!

Happy Travels =)

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