Cheap Places to go on Vacation

Certain times of the year can make it difficult to find cheap places to go on vacation. I wanted to share 3 locations that are cheap and will give you a great experience.

So, how is it possible? Well, the answer is quite simple – why go bananas with your budget when there are cheap places to go on a vacation. It makes a lot of sense, right? Without any further delay, here are the places:

3 Cheap Places to Go on Vacation


cheap places to go on vacation - Fiji

There is a slight misconception that Pacific Island destinations are expensive, some of them are. But Fiji is a country that changes that perception. It’s relatively cheap compared to its other expensive neighbors.

There are pristine beaches that have warm sand and crystal clear waters. The locals are friendly and chatty. In Fiji you can find some of the world’s best-known diving sites and the food is simply amazing. You can effortlessly enjoy your vacations in Fiji on a limited budget.

Fiji Resort

For more information on making a trip to Fiji more affordable by lowering the cost of flights, take a look at this guide.


cheap places to go on vacation - Cambodia

The tourism industry of this country has bloomed over the past few years, it has become a ‘Must Visit’ vacation destination for anyone on a budget. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has all kinds of things to offer from lush beaches to excellent food.

If you’re looking for a cheap place to go on vacation then Cambodia needs to be on the list. It’s beautiful, affordable, and the best part is, the hospitality of the people. In this country you can spend less and still have a luxurious vacation.

Cambodia temple

This may not be a location that you would think of for vacation because it’s not advertised all over but do you some planning and take a chance on Cambodia.

Sri Lanka

cheap places to go on vacation - Sri Lanka
If you haven’t been to this country and you want to make your vacation special then consider Sri Lanka. The culture of the country dates back over 2500 years, and Buddhism and Hinduism are the main influences.
With awe-inspiring waterfalls, beaches, cloud-wrapped mountains, local buses, street stalls, cheap guesthouses, and attractions – this place has everything to make you fall in love with it.


The Sri Lankan food is lip-smacking and people are very hospitable. It can be an impeccable vacation destination for you and your family. You might feel guilty for paying so little for all the amazing services and attractions that this country has to provide.

Mark my words, Fiji, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka are some of the best when it comes to cheap places to go on vacation. I think these countries require your presence more than your money. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a low budget; these countries have the environment and people to embrace you with open arms.

Learn about new cultures, meet interesting people and do it all on a budget. Remember, travel doesn’t have to cost a fortune with some planning.


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