5 Secret European Villages

Kotor - European Villages

Going to European villages is always a great experience, but some places that aren’t easily accessible can offer an even more unique experience. Traveling to renowned places on earth has become a normality. But what about places that aren’t visited by almost 95% travelers?! Yes, we are talking about secret European villages that many of you don’t know about. These places that offer more than you even thought of when it comes to villages. Some…

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11 Best Fall Foliage Road Trips

It’s that time of year again when the fall foliage is starting to shine. Travel Channel has put together a nice short video that highlight’s the 11 best fall foliage road trips. You can check out the full video below. When it comes to fall one of the first things to come to mind is the leaves. In certain parts of the country the fall foliage transforms the landscape into a picturesque setting. From bright reds and…

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Ride on Luggage? Modobag, Practical or Crazy?

Like many of us traveling through an airport, this sometimes means running to the gate, looking for a spot to sit or huddling around a charger bank to get some juice. Enter the all new Modobag. With this new wild and wacky piece of luggage you can get to your gate faster, always have a place to sit and never need to look for an outlet to get some power for your devices. That’s right Modobag…

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