Best Places to Travel in February

With the deepest part of winter upon us, you may be thinking it’s time to get away. February is a great time to travel to warmer climates and take a much needed rest. When planning, you may wonder what are the best places to travel in February?

Below you’ll find a list of destinations that are the perfect for a February getaway. Each of these locations has different experiences to offer and all of them may not be for you, that’s fine. Read a little about each one and see if the right trip is here.

Best Places to Travel in February

Los Cabos, Mexico

San Jose del Cabo

When the snow in America is just to much to handle many Americans start to look south at warm climates like that of San José del Cabo. This is a great laid back town right on the coast with plenty to do.

You can find shops, restaurants and art galleries within the colonial buildings. If your into clubs cocktail bars and the newest restaurants be sure to check out the new Vidanta Los Cabos which opens this season.



Travel to Antigua has never been easier than it is now. This beautiful island sits almost in the middle of the Caribbean chain. There is now extended air service, which means flights from John F. Kennedy International Airport can be as cheap as $270, roundtrip! There are no blizzards here to ruin your plans.

While here, check out The Verandah Resort or the Pineapple Beach Club. Beyond the fact that these places are something made from dreams, they offer a unique benefit called “Winter Storm Protection.” This means that you will automatically be able to extend your stay for as much time as you are delayed due to bad weather. This is a great feature when traveling from places like JFK in New York.

Key West, Florida

Key West

When it comes to the best places to travel in February, Key West is the perfect spot. This time of year it’s all about the beaches in this part of the country. The water is calm, the sky’s are clear and the sun is shining! Nowadays the local tour companies and the hotels themselves, are encouraging people to go out and explore the amazing marine ecosystems that surround the different islands.

At locations such as Oceans Edge Resort, which is on Stock Island, you can choose from a variety of activities from swimming with the sea-turtles and dolphins to paddleboard meditation.



When it comes to exploring the Mediterranean, a largely sun drenched region which spans 10 countries, it’s a good idea to see Cyprus. Being in the middle of winter this island is perfect for those who want to spend some time on the beach but also explore on foot.

Cyprus is dotted with stunning beaches and actually gets 320 sunny days a year. If you’re a beach bum then you have to check out Golden Beach. This place is an unspoiled paradise with nice wide sandy dunes and no crowds, which is a huge plus.

Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach - Best Places To Travel in February

Just south of Santa Monica, this even more relaxed vibe awaits. In the winter months popular spots like the downtown strip offer plenty to do from 24 hour old school diners to places like The Kettle. Another popular attraction is the waterfront bike path for both locals and visitors. Enjoy warmer weather without the need to go international.

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