5 Secret European Villages

Going to European villages is always a great experience, but some places that aren’t easily accessible can offer an even more unique experience.

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Traveling to renowned places on earth has become a normality. But what about places that aren’t visited by almost 95% travelers?!

Yes, we are talking about secret European villages that many of you don’t know about. These places that offer more than you even thought of when it comes to villages.

Some of these villages offer you a peek into the past. Since they are ‘Far Away’ from all the globalization, they are almost like untouched lands. They have a pure environment and breathtaking scenery.

5 Top Secret European Villages

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor European Village

This village is about 50 miles away from the capital of the country, Podgorica. The awe-inspiring natural beauty of Kotor is simply mesmerizing.

This village has the potential to become a major tourist hub in the future. Because of that, its property is getting sold at a rather rapid pace.

The people are hospitable and their restaurants offer their specialties. Montenegrin stewed meat is one of the local favorites. The beaches are not overcrowded and the air of this village is soothing. In-arguably, it’s a perfect depiction of “heaven on earth.”

Norcia, Italy

Norcia Italy

It is positioned 69-miles northeast of the Rome. Last year the area suffered earthquakes and although there was damage in Norcia, the village has since recovered.

This is a place where artisan culinary traditions are present in abundance. The fresh county air and the staggering backdrop have baffled anyone who steps into this village.

Let it be the Pecorino cheese or the honey which is collected from red wildflowers, if you want to visit nice European villages then this place is a must-visit. Visiting Norcia is highly recommended in February and March; you’ll fall in love with the Black Truffle Festival.

Kardamili, Greece

This seaside village is dramatically set against the scenery of aqua-blue waters, verdant rolling hills, wild olive groves, and snow-capped mountains.

Kardamili offers the most unforgettable and simply captivating sunsets in the region.

There are exclusive and small unspoiled resorts which comprise of lush gardens, fantastic beaches, and a picturesque harbor.

If you want to make your trip to Athens worth it then simply visit this village. Who knows, you might change your mind about extending your stay once you’ve arrived.

Hall in Tirol, Austria

Hall in Tirol - European Villages

A 20 minute drive from Innsbruck takes you to this amazing village. If you want to have that rare feeling of living in the Middle Ages then this place is perfect for you. The village has a rich history and the atmosphere is very pleasant.

The hiking and skiing trails are one of the most alluring factors of this village. Keep in mind, the winter season mostly dominates the climate.

Terschelling, The Netherlands

This village is not known to many since it can only be reached by ferries that depart daily from Vlieland and Harlingen from March through November.

Terschelling is known for its famous cranberries, also used in their local cuisine.

You can come to this European village at any time of the year, but the Oerol Festival , held in June, is something that you can’t afford to miss. The theater performances signifies the beauty of nature and landscape; it’s really something to see.

All in all, it is fair to say that you can truly quench your thirst of traveling by visiting European villages that are still a secret to the majority of travelers out there.

Other honorable mentions to this list are:

Giornico, Switzerland

Bolgheri, Italy

Lavenham, England

Chassignolles, France 

Getaria, Spain

Arild, Sweden

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