3 Life Changing Trips

The world is filled with awe-inspiring places and each place has its own peculiar specialty that cannot be experienced without visiting. These specialties are what make for life changing trips.

Being a travel fanatic, I believe that traveling to me is as important as oxygen – it is my source of inspiration, my purpose, and reason to live.

I was always passionate about traveling but wasn’t aware that someday it would change my life. There are three trips that changed my way of perceiving things, my thoughts, and of course, my life; here is a summary of them.

My Life Changing Trips

Backpacking through Southeast Asia

On my backpacking trail through Southeast Asia, I was expecting it to be a memorable journey, but not one that would have an effect on my personality. I started my journey with the beautiful Thailand and went through the worn out trail to Laos. With the experience gained from backpacking trips, I was able to travel with much less worry than in earlier trips.

life changing trips in southeast asia elephant

Then I went to Vietnam and to Cambodia. The temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, world’s largest religious monument, was amazing to visit. My trip went from “great” to “awesome” when I visited Malaysia and Singapore – countries that made me fall in love with Southeast Asia.


The food in Southeast Asia is much cheaper than anywhere else in the world and so are the accommodations, transportation and the activities. I got to spend the time of my life by meeting new people and visiting remarkable places.

This trip changed my life because it made me feel comfortable in almost any kind of environment. I spent some nights under the sky, accompanied by the mosquitos, days in cities with no internet availability and above all, it gave me an opportunity to come out of my comfort zone and test my limits.


All in all, this backpacking expedition tops the list of my life-changing trips.

National Parks Road Trip

The national parks road trip for me started in the summers. Out of nowhere, we (my wife and I) decided to go on this trip.

It was something that started off without any interesting events but soon turned out to be a fun ride. It was decided that we would travel to all the famous national parks in America.

It all started with Zion National Park because we love natural wonders and it was the best place to start with. Yosemite National Park was next on our list and how can I forget to mention the most unforgettable road trip to Grand Canyon National Park.

zion-national-park-life changing trips

In a span of over 2 months, our road trip concluded. We traveled to all famous national parks of America such as Mount Rainier National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Sequoia National Park, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park (one of my most memorable places to visit). This road trip changed my life by bringing calmness to me. Giving me a sense of inner peace I never had before.


I started to feel at ease and yes, it brought me and my wife closer =)

Creating Family Memories in Turks and Caicos

Five years after our marriage, we decided to have a family trip. I, my beautiful wife and 6 year old daughter, Ashley, embarked on an unforgettable journey to Turks and Caicos.

beach-turks and caicos

The coral islands of Turks and Caicos have this sheer pleasant environment that one completely falls in love with.

This beach vacation turned memorable the moment our daughter started to play in the sand with a smile worth millions.


The shops, restaurants, welcoming people, soothing environment and luxury resorts made our vacation simply unforgettable. The Grace Bay Club was the most amazing of all and how can I forget to mention the view from our hotel room of The Palms Turks and Caicos. Needless to say, this amazing family vacation is definitely among my life changing trips.


Do you have any life changing trips you would like to share?? If you have something to share that can inspire others to travel please enter it in the comment field below.

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