10 Best Travel Apps 2017

Finding the right app for travel can be frustrating so I decided to do a hard search for the best travel apps out there for 2017. These apps range from flights to lodging, dining and more.

Using some of these apps can save you hundreds on a flight or have better security in an unknown location. Take a look and try some of them out today.


This may be one of the best apps for cheap flights. As of this post it’s only available for iOS. The downside to this app is that it’s a member’s only app that costs $9.99 a month. However, if you consider the flight savings that ten bucks is nothing. With this app you get:

• Airfare Tracker

• Low-cost Flight Deals

• Push notifications to your phone when it detects a flash sale, prices listed in error and when prices take a huge drop.

best travel apps 2017 dealray

Courtesy of DealRay



This may just be a cooler Airbnb alternative. With this company you get access to a list of beautiful luxury apartments and homes in almost 24 different cities. Some of the cities include Miami, Rio and Milan. The app also offers further assistance for your travels with 24/7 access to concierge services to help you find things like tickets to shows, reservations for restaurants and tour bookings.

best travel apps 2017

Courtesy of Oasis Collection


This is what I love, travel on a budget and never pay full price. With this app you get discounts on hotels rooms from 30 to 80%! You’re able to do this by taking the reservations from people who had to cancel theirs for whatever reason. Also, if you find yourself with a booked room that you need to cancel you can unload it on here. This is a handy app for hotel stays.

travel apps

Courtesy of Roomer


Most of the time when we visit cities we’ve never been to we want to find the best areas to stay in and keep the cost at a reasonable level. With TripHappy you can use a customizable search that will use a ton of analytics and look through over 37 million reviews to find the best spots! No need to search through a bunch of different sites looking for reviews, with this app it’s all in one place.

apps for travel

Courtesy of TripHappy


This is technically a mobile site at the moment but an app is in the works and coming soon. You can still use the mobile site on your phone. To use this app you just put in your car reservation details and it will track rates for the dates you entered. It will look at competitor prices as well as look for coupon codes and other discount codes. If it finds a lower price for your rental dates you will get an email letting you know and giving you the option to rebook.

Take it from me, I have rented tons of cars and anything that can make it easier and save you money is well worth taking a look at and putting into action.

rental car app

Courtesy of AutoSlash



Staying safe when you travel should be a top priority. Geosure made the list of best travel apps because it provides that safety you need. It is a location sensitive personal security app that will give you a safety score which reflects everything from health risks to political uprising and even environmental issues. You will also find crowd-sourced information regarding robberies or assaults that may have happened in that area.

travel app saftey

Courtesy of GeoSure


The new app for Hotels.com is out and its great. Not only can you book a hotel at a great price almost anywhere but now you can do things like order food, make those dinner reservations and request a ride. This is all possible now because the app now offers access to partner companies like Groupon, OpenTable, Uber and more.

hotels.com app

Courtesy of Hotels.com


Making passport renewal easy. When it comes to the best travel apps making life easier, this is one. With this app you can get the forms you need emailed to you and then you can turn your camera into a passport photo camera. All you need to do is print the forms and send them to ItsEasy and you will receive a trackable USPS priority overnight air-bill and get all your documents back and ready to go in 2 to 3 weeks. There is a charge of $29.95 and the government fees, all of these can be paid via the app.

passport app

Courtesy of ItsEasy


As the name suggests this app is for the solo traveler. If you’re out on the road and want to connect with other solo travelers you can use this cool travel app to plan taxi shares, meals and other things such as sightseeing excursions.

solo travel apps

Courtesy of SoloTraveller


Its’ time to flee and it’s time to save more money. I would like to round out this list of the best travel apps with one app that will save you both time and money. With Wego you can look through more than 700 websites and find the lowest price for lodging and airfare. Sometimes this app will even return better results than Momondo or Kayak.

best travel apps

Courtesy of Wego

I hope that you found this list of the best travel apps for 2017 helpful and I hope you start putting some of them to use right away. Remember, with tools like these you can make better travel decisions and have a more cost effective and enjoyable trip.

Happy Travels!!:)

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  1. Great list! It would be helpful to link to each app/website though to avoid having to Google each one. Thanks for putting it together!

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